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Designing wiring harnesses for the Worlds’ leading Motorsport teams for over 40 years, truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our highly experienced engineering department can take your initial concept to the next level, providing large full system designs through to smaller bespoke projects, all using the very latest industry software.

Our highly skilled engineers and wire harness technicians have all undergone industry leading training programs. They take an enormous amount of pride in their workmanship and are dedicated to a ‘right-first-time’ approach. We cater for every solution, whether it is a one-off project or a long-term high-volume project, we guarantee each wiring harness will be of the highest quality.

Our production planning ensures each project remains on schedule and is delivered on time. We also have one of the best resources of highly trained engineers in the industry, including quality control engineers and a dedicated dispatch team. We take your initial concept and produce the finished wiring harness, on target and without compromise


Our dedicated quality control team have all undergone an unrivalled training programme which forms the benchmark within the industry. Every wiring harness undergoes an industry-leading, rigorous 40-point quality control check procedure by our dedicated test and inspection Engineers.

Firstly, during the initial design stage, the need for line inspections are initially identified and finalised during prototyping, identifying any potential points, such as splices and transitions. The wiring harness then undergoes a full visual and dimensional check before moving onto physical testing with the latest harness test equipment. A full record is kept of every automotive wiring harness we produce, giving you the peace of mind; each product can be returned at any point for servicing. It will then be tested to the same standard it was when first manufactured. We also offer our full 40-point quality control check procedure for 3rd party and in-service wiring harnesses. After our extensive 40-point test procedure, we guarantee each wiring harness conforms to its exact specification and is ready to work straight out of the box.